Chess – In – Schools (CIS)

The CHESS – IN – SCHOOL program is focused on teaching students how to play chess not just as a game, but as a tool to further improve their learning capabilities. We teach Chess in selected schools at specified times agreed between us and the School Management from 1hour to 2 hours per week.
The CHESS – IN – SCHOOL program has produced National Champions both at senior and junior levels.


The Chess – In – School Teachers Training Program (CIS-TTP) is designed to train and re-train School teachers and other Volunteers within school environment. Trained Teachers will help in the organisation and coordination of the Chess in Schools


School Purse is a project born out of dealings with young people from troubled and unstable homes. School purse is a project that seeks to encourage and keep these young ones in school as they have the challenge of paying fees, acquiring Textbooks, writing materials and sometimes even school uniforms..


White Christmas (WC) is a program organized at the end of every year around the Christmas season. Its objectives are:

  1. To show Love to the Orphans, Physically Challenged and other less privileged children
  2. To give keen Volunteers the opportunity to gain experience in the organization of change projects.
  3. To create a platform for volunteers and students to show case their talents and put smiles on the faces of the less privileged
  4. To give the public an avenue to show love to the less privileged in the festive season

Volunteer Training Workshop – Community Development (VTW-CD)

This workshop is organized for Members and Volunteers who have indicated interest to carry out change projects in their communities. They are trained and equipped with relevant skills and information necessary for the success of their projects.


The Leadership, Civic and Entrepreneurship Training Workshop (LCETW) is organized at regular intervals for members and volunteers. Other People from schools and Churches and other interested organizations are also allowed to participate. The workshop is aimed at helping participants acquire and develop true Leadership Skills.

Entrepreneurship Workshop (EW)

The Entrepreneurship Workshop (EW) is a project that is designed to equip selected Volunteers with entrepreneurial and vocational skills. The main purpose of this project is to steer the volunteers towards entrepreneurship so they can be self sustained individuals and employers of labour.

 Excursion and Picnics

Excursions and Picnics are organized at least once a year for members and volunteers. The aim of this is to broaden their horizon by giving them the opportunity to learn first - hand about important places and people in a relaxed and entertaining medium.

Games fair (GF)

The Games Fair (GF) is organized once a year not just for our members and volunteers, but also for the less privileged and physically challenged. Young Volunteers are drafted into the organizing team to give them opportunity to gain experience and make a difference.